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Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

Song Info:

"Hold It Against Me" is a song by American recording artist Britney Spears. It was released as the first single from her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale. "Hold It Against Me" was written by Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Bonnie McKee and Billboard, while being produced by Luke, Martin and Billboard. The song was initially going to be offered to Katy Perry, but Luke and Martin felt that it did not suit her. Luke explained that he wanted "Hold It Against Me" to sound unlike his previous productions. After a demo version of the track performed by McKee was leaked, the finished version premiered on January 10, 2011. The single was released the following day.

Musically, "Hold It Against Me" blends pulsating industrial and trance beats with elements of grime. The chorus contains lilting synths, that lift her vocals and contrast them with the hard beats. The song also features a dubstep-influenced breakdown, which displays Spears moaning and blowing kisses, and ends with a final chorus with elements of rave. The lyrics portray the singer seducing someone on the dancefloor, while the chorus revolves around pick-up lines. The Bellamy Brothers criticized it for being similar to their 1979 hit "If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me". They were later sued by Martin, Luke, McKee and Billboard for defamation and libel.

Most reviewers praised "Hold It Against Me", although some criticized its lyrical content. The song became a commercial success, debuting at number one in Belgium Wallonia, Canada, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand, as well as on the US Billboard Hot 100, where it became her fourth chart topper. In the United States, "Hold It Against Me" made Spears the second artist in Billboard's history to debut at number one more than once, behind Mariah Carey. The feat also made her the third female artist to ever score number one singles in three consecutive decades, and the seventh artist overall. Additionally, the single has charted in the top five in countries such as Australia, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Finland and Norway.

An accompanying music video for the song was directed by Jonas Åkerlund. It premiered on February 17, 2011, following a two-week promotional campaign of teasers. The video features Spears as a pop star who fell from space to find fame on Earth. There, she becomes overwhelmed by the pressures of being a celebrity and breaks down. The video received mixed to positive reviews, with critics complimenting its artistic concept and visuals, but dismissing the use of product placement. Spears has performed "Hold It Against Me" at Rain Nightclub, Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live!. She has also performed it as the opening number of the Femme Fatale Tour (2011).

Music Video Info:

The music video for "Hold It Against Me" was filmed on January 22 and 23, 2011.[54] It was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, while Brian Friedman served as the choreographer.[55][56] According to Spears's manager Larry Rudolph, she became a fan of Åkerlund's work after seeing the video for Madonna's "Ray of Light" (1998), but they had not worked together in the past due to "his availability or her timing". Spears and Åkerlund quickly got together to create the concept, presenting different ideas until, according to Rudolph, "it took a life on its own".[57] Open auditions were held on December 22, 2010, and the dancers had to learn a routine set to Robyn's "Criminal Intent" (2010).[58]

On January 22, 2011, Spears tweeted from the video shoot saying it was "an incredible experience" and it would "be one of the best videos I have ever done."[54] On February 2, 2011, accusations came from TMZ.com that Jonas had decided to use a dance double for Spears when it seemed like she had not rehearsed her moves enough. Both her representatives and the director denied the rumors, with Jonas commenting, "[Britney's] been great throughout the entire process. [...] I've been around long enough to know when an artist gives it their all, and to me it doesn't get better than this. This video is gonna be fucking awesome! It's all Britney."[59] Her manager Larry Rudolph later confirmed that a body double was actually used, but only for the scenes in which Spears fights herself.[60] The fight scene was choreographed by Steven Ho.[61] He commented that Spears incorporated the moves learned during rehearsals, but also incoporated "her own flavor", by adding a small shuffle of steps in her heels. The length of the dresses also presented a problem, and there were discussions about shortening the trains for safety issues. They were later added as 'weapons', as Ho explained, "as if they were sharp blades, giving Britney reason to jump and evade around them."[62]

Friedman revealed that [Jonas' wife], B. Åkerlund, was the stylist for the video. B. is known for her work with Madonna and Lady Gaga, but Friedman assured that "it is not 'Britney does Gaga.'"[63] B. later commented about the fashion of the video, saying, "We were going for a punk-rock couture look in this video, with a touch of glam." For the wedding dress scene, B. worked with Tom Tom fashions to create a custom-made dress. Swarovski crystals were used for the "arm creations", and a necklace by Dannijo and gloves by La Cracia were added as accessories. For the fight scene, both Spears and her double wear custom dresses by B., in collaboration with Falguni and Shane Peacock, and also sport stilettos by XTC. During her dance sequence, Spears wears an outfit created by B. and Skin Graft Designs, with jewelry by Tom Binns. The boots were Spears's own, and completely bedazzled with Swarovski crystals. For the microphone sequence, Spears rocks a red look described as "skull shoulders," designed by Yasmen Hussein for Swarovski Runway Rocks. She completes the look with earrings and a necklace by Tom Binns and rings by Loree Rodkin. For the finale scene, Spears wears a custom skintight black dress by Bordelle, complete with garters. She accessorizes the look with a necklace by Noir and boots decorated with Swarovski crystals.[64] After its release, the music video earned Spears $500,000 for the product placement by Sony, Make Up Forever and PlentyofFish.[65]

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