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Guns 'N Roses - Don't Cry

Song Info:

"Don't Cry" is a song by hard rock band Guns N' Roses, two versions of which were released simultaneously on different albums. The version with the original lyrics is the fourth track on Use Your Illusion I, while the version with the alternate lyrics is the thirteenth track on Use Your Illusion II. Only the vocal tracks differ, and even then only in the verses; however, in those verses, not only are the words entirely different, but the meter and melody are also slightly different. There is also a third version, officially released only on the single for the song, which was recorded during Appetite for Destruction sessions in 1986.

Music Video Info:

The video for this song, like several videos for the Illusions albums, was much more cinematic than the band's previous videos had been. It depicted the central character in his courtship with his eventual wife as well as his internal battle with emotional issues. Although a sharp turn away from what fans were used to, it is still regarded as one of the best videos the band produced in its short time together.

Fans can't agree on whether this is the first or second video in the trilogy. Most fans think this is the first, showing Axl and his girlfriend having problems with their relationship (and that he was likely singing about this in "November Rain"). Another interesting, but not as accepted, theory is that this is the second video, and that after Axl's new bride dies in "November Rain" he remembers/dreams the video. At the start of the "Estranged" video, they say the S.W.A.T. team members catch Axl in his home while he is having the "Don't Cry" dream. Fans of this theory often point out that Axl is seen talking to a therapist in "Don't Cry", and is seen fighting with a gun (see the "November Rain" page to read more about the gun).

Another interesting point to make is that in the video, Slash theoretically killed his girlfriend by driving his 1966 Shelby GT350 off a cliff and then throwing his guitar down the same cliff afterwards.

Guitarist Izzy Stradlin, who plays the intro and is credited as co-writer of the song, had just left the band and didn't make it to the video recording, and Dizzy Reed can be seen wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Where's Izzy?" (stated in Slash's Biography). Rose can be seen very briefly, at around the same point in the video, wearing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap. This may be a reference to the infamous 1991 incident in which Rose dove into a St. Louis crowd in the middle of a song in pursuit of a man with a video camera, was arrested, and incited a riot.

A Nirvana baseball hat is visible to the side of Axl's left leg when he is lying down in the psychiatrist's office. He is also seen wearing the hat in an interview that was filmed while making the video. This interview can be seen on the mini-documentary entitled "Guns N' Roses Don't Cry: Makin' F@*!ing Videos" Rose was a big fan of Nirvana and even asked the band to play on two occasions during the Use Your Illusion tour. However, Nirvana frontman Kurt CobainCome As You Are by Michael Azerrad, among other sources) and declined the invitation. Both bands are signed to Geffen Records. loathed Guns N' Roses (as documented in

Rose commented on the difficulty of filming the video and how certain scenes inspired by the relationship with Erin Everly affected him emotionally:

With our video for "Don't Cry," and the fight that Stephanie (Seymour, Axl's current flame) and I had over the gun, you don't necessarily know what's going on. But in real life that happened with Erin (Everly, Axl's ex-wife) and myself. I was going to shoot myself. We fought over the gun and I finally let her win. I was kind of mentally crippled after that. Before shooting our documentary, I said, "This seems really hard, 'cause it really happened." And the night we wrote the scene, my friend Josh said, "Okay, how are you going to play that?" He wanted to rehearse and I was like, "Look, leave me alone." But he kept pushing until, finally, I stood up. I had this cigarette lighter that looked like a real gun and I said, "Look, I'm gonna do it like this." And I just went over and slammed around in the hallway a bit and threw the gun and said, "Is that good enough for you?"[3]

And he said, "Yes!" 'Cause I knew what I was going to do and from that point on he knew that I would be able to play the parts that we were writing.

But it was a very painful process doing that and it's even weird now to be involved in a relationship where the person I'm involved with is actually playing parts that are written about the two of us, about fictional characters, about things in my past relationships. It's a very touchy thing to do.

Also Axl Rose wears a T-shirt of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction in the video.

Media Info:

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