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Kesha - Take It Off

Song Info:

"Take It Off" is a song by American recording artist and songwriter Kesha, from her debut album, Animal. The song was written by Kesha Serbet, Lukasz Gottwald and Claude Kelly and it was produced by Dr. Luke with vocal editing done by Emily Wright. It was released as the fourth official single from the album on July 13, 2010. "Take It Off"'s initial writing consisted of Kesha attending a drag show and becoming really turned on by transvestite men taking their clothing off. The song is an upbeat dance pop song that uses heavy amounts of auto tune and utilizes an electro infused beat.

Critical reception of the song has been mixed to positive. A complaint amongst critics was the demonstration of overly processed vocals with the use of auto-tune. Other critics felt the song was a strong, irresistible dance-pop song, strictly made for the dance floor with a great carefree message. Due to strong digital sales from the release of Animal, the song charted in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada before being announced as a single. After being released as a single the song reached the top ten in Canada, Australia and the United States. "Take It Off" has sold over a million copies in the United States as of October 2010.

Two music videos for the single were released. The first video features Kesha and her friends on another planet dancing around in a mosh pit while slowly turning into star dust as they "Take It Off". The inspiration for the video was about taking off your inhibitions and being "raw and real." The second video features Jeffree Star and features a more dominant animal theme while drawing from 80's themed inspiration such as; Tron, David Bowie in Labyrinth, and Revenge of the Nerds. On August 13, 2010 Kesha performed "Take It Off" along side earlier singles "Your Love Is My Drug" and "Tik Tok" on NBC's Today Show.

Music Video Info:

The original video for "Take It Off" premiered on Vevo on August 3, 2010.[23] It was directed by Paul Hunter and Dori Oskowitz.[24] Kesha revealed the main idea behind the video in an interview explaining that "[the video was] about [her] and all [her] hot vampire babe friends breaking into a hotel on another planet, and at the end we all turn into this beautiful stardust. Once you take it all off, all your inhibitions, your clothes, we're all made up of the same thing."[25] She explained that she did not want the video to just be about "Taking it off", that the message behind the video and the theme wasn't "just about taking off your clothes and rolling in glitter. It's also about taking off your inhibitions and being raw and real".[26]

The video starts off with Kesha seen on a motorcycle. She proceeds to walk as her friends follow behind her as they enter a motel area. As the chorus of the song starts, Kesha and her friends start to run around the motel dancing and jumping off railings. The friends gather around an empty pool and start tearing at each others clothing; While this is happening it is revealed they that are on a different planet and Kesha is seen rolling around in sand. Slowly as some of the friends start taking off their clothing, they begin to turn into star dust. The group starts to dance in the pool with some of the party goers exploding into dust. The remainder of the friends continue to dance in the dust that is now covering the bottom of the pool. As this is happening they all begin to lose different parts of their bodies as they explode into multicolored star dust. The video ends with everyone as dust with Kesha beginning to "unzip" herself as she turns into yellow dust.

Jocelyn Vena of MTV News met the video with a positive review. She noted that Kesha "manages to embrace her inner party animal and throw a neon-colored party at an abandoned motel in the middle of nowhere." She stated that "While the concept of "a lot of pretty people dancing at dusk" is pretty simple, the neon colors manage to amp up the video, as does the colored sand that's thrown around in the air and mixed with glitter." Her conclusion of the video and of Kesha was that as simple as it may be, "she manages to be both sexy and fun while rolling around in the desert."[27]

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