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Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me

Song Info:

"You Belong with Me" is a country pop song performed by American recording artist Taylor Swift. The song was co-written by Swift and Liz Rose and produced by Nathan Chapman with Swift's aid. It was released on April 21, 2009, by Big Machine Records as the third single from Swift's second studio album, Fearless. Swift was inspired to write "You Belong with Me" after overhearing a male friend of hers arguing with his girlfriend through a phone call; she continued to develop a story line afterward. The song contains many pop music elements and its lyrics have Swift desiring an out-of-reach love interest.

Critical reception for "You Belong with Me" was mixed to positive. At the 52nd Grammy Awards, the song received nominations for the Grammy Awards for Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. "You Belong with Me" enjoyed commercial success as well; it became a top ten hit in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. In the United States, the song became Swift's best-charting single on the Billboard Hot 100 to date and gained the largest crossover radio audience since Faith Hill's "Breathe" did in 2000. The single was certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The song's accompanying music video was directed by Roman White. The video features Swift portraying two characters, a nerd (the protagonist) and a popular girl (the antagonist), while American actor Lucas Till acts as the male lead. The protagonist is in love with Till's character but does not tell him; his girlfriend, the antagonist, betrays him and does not like the protagonist. In the conclusion, Swift, as the nerd, and Till reveal their love to each other and kiss. The video won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, but during Swift's acceptance speech, rapper Kanye West interrupted, protesting in support of Beyoncé Knowles. The incident caused a reaction in the media, with most people coming to Swift's defense. The song was performed live at numerous venues, including the 2009–10 Fearless Tour, where it was the opening number. It was covered by various artists, including Butch Walker.

The song was ranked #8 on CMT's list of the 40 greatest songs of the decade.

Music Video Info:

"You Belong with Me"'s accompanying music video was directed by Roman White, and in its girl-and-boy next-door theme was significantly influenced by the 1999 movie "Drive Me Crazy." In the video, Swift portrays both the protagonist and antagonist, which she respectively described as "the nerd, who is pining away for this guy that she can't have" and "the popular girl."[2] Swift described the popular girl's persona as "horrible and scary and intimidating and perfect".[41] Her love interest is portrayed by American actor Lucas Till; Swift met Till while acting on the set of Hannah Montana: The Movie in April 2008. She later asked him to act in the video, as she was intrigued by his "cool look", embodying a "dreamy guy".[41] In regards to his acting on the video, Swift said, "He's absolutely perfect for the part and really fun to be around, too."[2] According to her, the video's plot is "charming"; she also said that, "the whole video, I'm just sitting there pining away, wishing I could be in her position."[41] In regards to the video's conclusion, White explained that Swift "becomes who she really is", while Swift thought it was a happy ending.[41] Swift commented, "One of my favorite things about this video is that there wasn't a standard performance scene. This video was pretty much all story line and I'm narrating it in the moment, basically narrating while all this is happening around me."[41]

The video was shot in two days between Gallatin, Tennessee and Hendersonville, Tennessee.[2]body double in order for both Swift, as the protagonist and antagonist, to appear in one shot.[41][42] In a scene where she appeared dancing, White replaced Swift's routine with a one having no rhythm; she recalled, "It was some of the most fun I'd had in a long time, just freaking out and doing the dumbest moves."[41] On the second day, they first filmed a prom scene and, lastly, the football game, both being filmed at Pope John Paul II High School. The school supplied many students as extras, including football players, band members, cheerleaders and students for the final prom scene. When filming for a touchdown, Till was unable to catch the ball, furthering the length of the shoot.[41] "You put a lot of good solid effort in it and it looks good", Swift stated about filming.[41] On the first day of filming, Swift used a

The video commences with Till arguing with his girlfriend through a phone call. As soon as Swift, as the protagonist, notices, they begin to communicate by holding up signs through their bedroom windows. Till closes his curtains, and Swift holds up a sign saying, "I love you". As the song's chorus approaches, Swift starts to sing and dance in front of a mirror, changing to different clothing multiple times. Afterward, Swift is sitting in a bench while reading a book. Till arrives and the two converse. Then, Swift, as the antagonist, arrives in a red convertible car and Till gets in it; Swift, as the antagonist, kisses him and gives a vicious look towards the protagonist. Suddenly, she is seen cheerleading at a football game while Swift's other persona is in the bleachers, performing in the school band. After scoring the winning touchdown, Till moves toward his girlfriend and finds her flirting with a teammate; meanwhile, Swift, as the protagonist, stares in amazement. Back in their bedroom windows, they again communicate through signs, Till asked Swift, as the protagonist, if she was attending prom and she responded, "no, studying". Shortly after, Swift is seen entering prom with a white dress, no longer looking like a nerd, while all her peers stare in amazement. When Till spots her, he walks towards her and Swift, as the antagonist, attempts to impede him, but he ignores her. Ending the video, Till and Swift reveal letters saying "I love you" and kiss.

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