Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adam Barta - V.I.P.

Artist Info:

Adam Barta (born September 21, 1979 in Bronx, New York) started his career doing off-Broadway theatre. His most noted roles were that of Tash in Befriending Beau alongside Eric Millegan from Bones [1] and Alfred alongside Tessie Santiago from Good Morning Miami. He was lead singer in the boy band 24Seven, after which time his solo music career took off in 2005 with his single Dirty Girls. It debuted on Sirius satellite radio and The Armory Project’s remix was heard at top dance clubs around the country after being featured on Promo Only's dance series CD.[2] He also collaborated with The Verve Pipe’s Brad Vander Ark on unreleased music. In Spring 2006 he recorded a new dance single, I Wanna Hold You, written and produced by DJ Mike Rizzo (WKTU). Working with top producers such as Rizzo and the Klubjumpers, the song was heard on radio stations such as Sirius and XM. The music video made it on the May 2007 Promo Only club video series [3] and was featured by them at 2007’s Winter Music Conference, where Adam performed.[4] After receiving a breakout at #5 on the Billboard hot club play charts,[5] peaking at #23 in March 2007’s DJ Times[6] dance charts and being played at Abercrombie & Fitch stores throughout the country, EsNtion Records took notice and signed Adam to a record deal for which his first single was Standing in the Rain with DJ Russ Harris. A DJ Times review for May called him "one of the strongest male vocalists in 2007".[7] His music video hit the #1 spot on MTV LOGO’s Click List in August,[8] was one of the top 10 videos of 2007,[8] he was named favorite Click List artist of 2007 [8] and made #96 on AfterElton.com’s Hot 100 for 2008.[9] His video was also picked up internationally on Canada’s Only Dance Channel, bpm:tv.[10] Standing in the Rain hit number 2 on Clear Channel's Pride Radio in July 2008.[11] It rose up the charts to #2 on bpm:tv's Top 20 Countdown with Louie La Vella in Canada.[10] The music video for "Standing in the Rain" premiered October 1, 2008 on MTV LOGO network's new mainstream dance/pop show "Pop Lab", hosted by Solange and Lady Gaga. Adam hosted the Spring Break episode of Pop Lab, on March 11.[8] He recorded a new song called VIP with Mysto & Pizzi, as well as one called Q&A with Mr. Mig, which had its world premiere on 97 BHT (Wilkes Barre, PA) and 92 PRO (Providence, RI) on the Ralphie Aversa radio show. In September 2009, his music video for "Standing in the Rain" was voted in the #1 spot on MTV Logo's Ultimate Sexiest Music Video Countdown, beating out Lady Gaga and Kelly Rowland.[12] In Fall of 2009, he released a new single on EsNtion Records called "VIP", which he wrote with Mysto and Pizzi, the force behind the remake of Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" at the center of Geico's "Kash" ad campaign.[13] The music video for VIP was filmed in December 2009 and contains cameos from Real World Hollywood's Nick Brown, Project Runways Nicholas Putvinski, Michael Musto, Reina, and more. It premiered on Pop Lab on Logo on April 13, 2010,[14] and was in the Top 100 music videos on MTV's official music site for the month of April.[15] It was also added to MTV 2 in Canada the week of April 21.[16] In Summer 2010, "Standing in the Rain" was added to the official selection of "fist pumping beats" from the Jersey Shore cast on New York's Z100.[17] 'VIP' was featured on the premiere of season 6 of Oxygen's show "Bad Girls Club: Hollywood" and also on "Real World: Las Vegas" (season 25) [18]. [19] His next single is slated to be with Kathy Sledge (of "Sister Sledge"), which will be a dance song produced by Mike Rizzo and Mr. Mig, called "Give Yourself Up (to the music)". It will be released on June 14th on Ingrooves/Universal Dist. and Kathy Sledge made an appearance and performed on Oprah in April to promote it. [20] He is also working on a new reality show with Michael Lohan, Angelina Pivarnik from Jersey Shore, and Kim G. from Real Housewives of NJ. [21]

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