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Depeche Mode - Strangelove

Song Info:

"Strangelove" is Depeche Mode's eighteenth UK single, released on April 13, 1987, and the first single for the then upcoming album Music for the Masses. It reached #16 in the UK charts (Depeche Mode would fail to make the Top 10 of the UK singles chart throughout the second half of the 1980s), but hit #2 in West Germany and in South Africa, and was a Top 10 success in several other countries (Sweden, Switzerland, etc.).

The original version of "Strangelove" is a fast-paced poppy track. Though successful, this did not seem to fit with the Music for the Masses's darker style, so Daniel Miller made a slower version of "Strangelove" which became the album version. The album version was released as a single itself in the USA, as "Strangelove '88". Former member Alan Wilder, in the Q&A section of his Recoil website, writes that the band felt the single version was "too cluttered" and was the reason Miller's remix was commissioned. Miller expounded on this in the Music for the Masses re-master documentary DVD, stating that he felt the original single version was too complicated and would benefit from being simplified.

Music Video Info:

The music video for "Strangelove" was directed by Anton Corbijn and appears on the Strange video and The Videos 86>98. Shot on Super 8 and in black and white, the video sees the band in various Paris locations, hotel rooms and in a studio posing in front of a rolling backdrop. At 0:24 video shows image of Senate House of University of London with the words "Strange Love" projected on it. The live action is combined with short stop-frame animation sequences. The video also stars two underwear models (one of who became Anton Corbijn's partner) as well as random pedestrians, featured in the closing 'out-takes' sequence of fast-edit shots. In the USA, MTV objected to some of the more revealing footage of the models and the video was edited to replace them with images of the band.

There was also a Corbijn-directed video for "Pimpf", exclusive to the Strange video, which features David Gahan, Alan Wilder and Andrew Fletcher shouting at each other syncing with the synthetic chanting, while Martin Gore plays the song on a Piano. It is to note that while Martin plays the piano in the video, it is Alan Wilder who plays the piano in all piano-instrumentals by the band from 1987–1990 as well as "Somebody".

In 1988, another video for "Strangelove" was released, set to the tune of the album version of "Strangelove". It was directed by Martyn Atkins who did photography for earlier DM albums. It was not publicly released until the The Videos 86>98+ DVD in 2002. This video is much simpler than the original, and features the band performing inside a castle-like location.

Media Info:

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