Thursday, December 16, 2010

Joe Mcelderry - Ambitions

Song Info:

The song was covered by Joe McElderry, the 2009 winner in the sixth season of UK version of The X Factor, it was his second single, the lead single and opening track from his debut album, Wide Awake. It was released on digital download on 10 October 2010,[8] with the CD single release the following day.

Music Video Info:

The video was directed by Nigel Dick.[12] The filming started on 9 September 2010[13] and wrapped the next day.[14]. The secret location of the video was later revealed to be in Bulgaria[15] The music video leaked on 18 September 2010 but officially premiered on MSN on 23rd September 2010. The video is described as an all-singing, all-dancing affair, McElderry told Daily Mirror "They wanted me to just do a few hand gestures, but I wanted a full-on dance routine. I made them get me a choreographer and everything."[16] after McElderry went missing there.

The video opens with Joe getting out of a taxi and he wanders through the streets, which soon is revealed to be a video set he walks past various people including extras, dancers and a director. They soon all start dancing at the first chorus. At the second verse, he's at a fictional Rome set with an orchestra behind him. A boy walks by and drops his papers on the floor, Joe walks up to him and helps him pick them up, the boy throws the papers in the air and backup dancers appear and everyone starts dancing. After this, Joe walks into a room singing the lines "I can't tolerate". He looks in a mirror. Dancers appear behind him again as he sings the final chorus, though this time, the video cuts to the three different scenes throughout the final chorus. The dancers in the room walk away as Joe looks at the camera for the final time and turns around and walks away as the screen fades out.

Joe confirmed that there will be an online music video. Fans will take part in a competition doing the dance routine from the official music video and posting it on YouTube, the best videos will be put in the music video.[17]

Media Info:

Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
File size : 76.5 MiB
Duration : 2mn 55s
Overall bit rate : 3 666 Kbps


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