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Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers (DMCA by blogger.com no to be published again)

Song Info:

"All the Lovers" is a song by Australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. It is the first single from her eleventh studio album, Aphrodite. "All the Lovers" was written by English electropop duo Kish Mauve and was one of the last songs to be recorded for the album. Minogue chose the song as the first single since she felt it was reflective of the euphoric mood of Aphrodite. "All the Lovers" is a midtempo electropop song with prominent synthesizers, that has been compared to Minogue's 2004 single "I Believe in You". Its lyrics are an invitation to the dancefloor, while comparing previous relationships to one's current lover. "All the Lovers" was positively received by contemporary critics, who praised its dance anthem nature and deemed it as a classic Minogue single.

The song became a commercial success particularly in Europe, reaching the top ten in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Italy, and peaking inside the top five in France, Slovakia and the United Kingdom. The accompanying music video was inspired by the installations of Spencer Tunick, and portrays Minogue on top of a flash mob of people wearing white underwear, surrounded by different white floating objects. Minogue explained that the video was an expression of her view on sexuality and sensuality. It received positive reviews, with critics complimenting its aesthetic and imagery. "All the Lovers" has been performed by Minogue in a number of live appearances, including the fifth's season finale of Germany's Next Topmodel.

Music Video Info:

The music video for "All the Lovers" was filmed on May 8 and May 9, 2010 in downtown Los Angeles, California. It was directed by Joseph Kahn, who was reportedly chosen by Minogue since he could give the video a fresh, new feel.[26] The concept is a re-imagination of works by American artist Spencer Tunick, known for his installations that feature large numbers of nude people. Kahn and Minogue created two treatments for the video, but chose the edgier option.[27][28] Minogue wears jewelry from designer Shaun Leane.[29] The video begins with a flash mob of people dropping items with QR Code on them. Although the code isn't directly scannable from the video, a blogger has reconstructed the code to reveal that it says "LOVE."[citation needed] They then start kissing while taking their clothes off in an empty street. They gather on the middle in their white underwear, where Minogue appears surrounded by doves, wearing a white cobweb-style t-shirt over a black bra and knickers, with matching white thigh high boots.[26][30] The flash mob becomes bigger as the video continues. During the song's bridge, a white horse gallops between couples kissing. The buildings are surrounded by floating marshmallows as well as a giant inflatable elephant.[31] The video was noted by some critics for featuring a number of same-sex couples, which Minogue explained paid homage to her gay audience who helped propel her initial success.[32] Minogue said of the music video after its release, She originally wanted to wear sombre clothes for the shoots, but Kahn insisted on a smaller white outfit.

"People go nuts over it, so that’s amazing. [Kahn] came up with a brilliant, simple idea and executed it so sensitively, I thought. It’s still cutting edge, it still gets you a little hot under the collar, but I think there’s a real sensitivity. It’s what I’m about and what I love. [...] What I'm so thrilled about is the energy that comes through and that oneness. [...] It is a perfect and genuine expression of how I feel about sexuality and sensuality. I totally believe love should be for love's sake."[33][34][35]

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